Ouch! My muse has hit me

I have never met my muse. But she is around. In some kind of invisiblity cloak, of course. And obviously armed with a baseball bat, judging by the way she hits me. On the other hand, it might be a male, then.

At least it would explain why I hate pink and get sick about kitschy things. And also it would explain why there are so many ideas left lying around, not being put back into their respective folders and drawers. – Yes, definitely a male. To protect his privacy – this is the internet, after all – let’s call him ‘Dave’.

The other day Dave hit me again (the bump is still on the back of my head).
Let’s take a look then at the latest release from Your Muse Productions©.

The cast

Variegated crochet yarns – They came on cardboard tubes, so I had to wind them onto spools because I wanted to use them on my sewing machine. Unfortunately, they didn’t work. Put aside for further use.
Silk sewing thread, black – either inherited or a gift, I take them all
Basting thread, white – too heavy for use in my patchwork projects, also put aside

The plot

To be honest, I hate this colour. The fabric came together with others in a sample pack and immediately went to the ‘magenta’ pile. For a free embroidery experiment I put that piece of fabric into a hoop and filled the space with seed stitches in the medium colour. Then I made a light coloured wedge and a dark one, crossing at the center with added French knots in black (dark wedge) and white (light wedge). I came out with the piece that’s pictured at the top. As I wasn’t satisfied with what I got I put it onto the ‘samples’ pile. From where my muse obviously pulled it out now.

I added more stitching in the two wedges as well as more French knots. Better now, but I’m still not satisfied with the light wedge.