Crooked and bent

It’s now my task to find a name for my new project as all my things have got one. Most times I’ve already got one from the start but this time I have no idea at all. I have to solve this ‘scientifically’. What have I got? Squares, multicoloured fabrics. Hmm, doesn’t ring a bell. Crooked seams (yet). Yes, that’s it: Seams crooked.

Now horror starts!

May I introduce

Jack the Ripper

and one of his victims

I hate it. One afternoon’s work in vain. But it ain’t no use, I can’t leave it that way. 😦


2 thoughts on “Crooked and bent

  1. I hope it does myself. It’s only my second machine pieced thing and the first on this machine, a Pfaff. A moody female teenager she is, if you ask me. 😉

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