Recently I have rediscovered my crochet skills. Not that they are very sophisticated. I can only do a few different stitches. But I’m learning.

I soak up ideas like a sponge. They get into my brain where each of them has got a little folder or maybe a drawer. Sometimes – mostly when I least expect it – a couple of folders/drawers open at the same time. The ideas come out, say hello to each other, team up in strange pairings and demand their rights. (That’s my explanation – I maybe wrong, of course.)

Last weekend the folders for ‘crochet’ and ‘ammonites’ teamed up. I was busy making some other stuff, so at first I didn’t really notice. I’m not saying that I heard their little voices getting louder and louder (hearing voices is bad). But at one point I could no longer ignore the odd couple.

Eventually, I had to listen to them. This is their story.

Take some yarn of your choice and a matching crochet hook. Chain 4, and make a ring. Work two single crochets in each of the next three stitches, you’ve got 6 now. Work two single crochets into each of the 6 stitches. Continue with one double crochet, then two double crochets into the next two stitches, repeat two times (9 dcs altogether). Work two triple crochets into each of the next five stitches (10 tcs), then two quadruple crochets into each of the next two stitches (4 qcs). Bind off.

If you want the spiral look I got, crochet into the back loop of the stitches only.

I’ve already got an idea how to use them. But imagine how good they would look on cushions, accessories or even clothing. WARNING – Making kitsch with them is strictly forbidden. This pattern is for private use only. No reblogging, no pinning.

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