The Boudoir

Imagine my bedroom. Filled with lots of boxes and bags with ‘useless stuff’ in it. And a cabinet 5 ft wide and 4 ft high full of fabrics. Some fabric piles are on the floor as well. A minor disaster area.

Or a paradise for someone creative.

For various reasons, my creativity had taken two years off. It’s now back on duty and wants to play with all this ‘useless stuff’.

I’m not selling my pieces. But why should I be the only person admiring them? So I thought it would be a good idea to share them. As I get my ideas from everyone and everywhere maybe I can give back some ideas for your own work in return.

As I have got some other things on my list as well, posting on this spot (Edit: my former blog From The Boudoir) might not be too busy in the near future. But I’ll do my best.

See you soon.


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