New colour scheme

I’ve started rearranging the blocks by taking them all down from the design board and sorting them roughly by colour. I got seven piles: red/orange, brown, white/beige, grey/black, violet, blue, green. Then I put the blocks back again in this order. After a few little changes this is what I’ve got now:

Maybe not the very best of choices but I can live with that. So I won’t try any other possibilities, only some more small changes will be made.

Now that I’ve got a new colour scheme only the border pieces are missing. I’ve noticed that I’ve miscounted the blocks and there’s still another one to do. Now I need another 396 little squares to fill up the border. As I’ve already got some cardboard templates in store I only need to make 264 new ones. And of course I’ll have to cut the fabric pieces.

Off I go!