Blogging starts

Kristall (Crystal)

For the last 30 years since 1981 I’ve been mainly sewing patchwork although I’ve tried a lot of other things as you can see on Jule’s Art Blog. But soon the time will come when my eyesight will be too bad for sewing in the previous fashion. Even a new pair of glasses won’t do the trick. So I’ll have to look for alternatives. Which is really a pity as I’ve got so much ideas left.

Which doesn’t mean I’ll give up sewing. My stash will last at least for another 15 years. I’m not giving that to someone else as it cost me quite an amount.

But as there are so many things left to try out, I’ll simply have to change my sewing style even if it’s hard. I bet my sewing machine will get a little more work to do in the future.

Of course, I’ll finish my UFOs. You can watch me doing so on this blog in the future.


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