Project Breakdance

I’ve got quite a number of works in progress (or UFOs, unfinished objects) in store. One of them is this one I have named ‘Breakdance’. To show you my way of working, I invite you to follow me through the finishing process.

This is a sample of the beautiful fabric I used for this project. I’ve got some leftovers from other projects and also bought some pieces for my stash because they don’t print it anymore.

You may have noticed that the blocks of this project are no squares or rectangles but have a somewhat unusual shape. Still, they’re ’tiling the plane’, as a mathematician would put it, i. e. the blocks cover the space without gaps. The basic pattern is simply squares, the blocks are only a matter of colouring.

Normally, I start by drawing the templates onto thin cardboard and cutting them out. This is already done here. I cut 1,5 cm (5/8″ approx.) squares (rather small – not for beginners). The seam allowance in this project is 6 mm approx. (2/8″), the fabric squares were cut to a size of 2,75 cm (1 1/8″ approx.) using ruler and rotary cutter.

I then put the cardboard templates onto the wrong side of the fabric, fold one side over and baste, then the next one until the round is finished. Each block needs 24 little squares. I’ve got this now:

Sewing the parts together comes next. I put two squares right sides together and whipstitch them together. I need ten of these. The remaining 4 squares will be needed in a moment.

Next sew 2 x 2 and 2 x 3 into strips.

Then I sew two squares each onto the 4-square strips which leaves me with this:

Doesn’t look like it would match? Sure it does.

Sew them together and the block is already done. I still need 14 more blocks and the pieces to fill up the sides.

Basting takes 30 minutes and sewing 45 minutes per block. Takes you too long? Of course, you can sew this by machine. You’ll just have to enlarge the parts. Or you’ll end up in Bedlam.

Next thing I’ll have to do is some work on the colouring. I’m not yet completely satisfied with what I’ve got. Let’s see if I can make a beautiful swan out of the ugly duckling.


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