Beech (Fagus sylvatica)

I promised leaves – here they are. #3 of the mystery sampler with backstitching done.

I’ll keep hiding the neighboring motifs with a piece of paper so the overall layout is kept a secret. 🙂

Chanterelles – and a request

Chanterelles (Craterellus cibarius, syn. Cantharellus cibarius)

After finishing this one I got carried away. My needle is running hot while it is flying through #2 and #3, still hidden beneath the paper. Coming soon to a screen near you. 🙂

But for the request – The patterns I’ve got come from a German craft magazine and are from the same design series as the butterflies I stitched some time ago. After some digging around the internet I know more now. The designs are from the Cottage Garden series by The Craft Collection. Unfortunately, they’ve been out of business for some years already, as it seems.

Besides the magazine clippings I’ve got (Butterfly Cottage and Woodland Cottage) there are at least six more patterns: Cottage Garden (flowers), Dovecote Cottage (birds), Fisherman’s Lodge (pond life), Herb Cottage (wildflowers), Orchard Cottage (fruit), and Farmyard Cottage (animals).

EDIT: Also in this series: Beachcomber Cottage (marine life) – my favourite so far

I’d love to have the other designs as well (except, maybe, Farmyard Cottage) and would love to trade/swap them (or borrow them, if you trust me to return them quickly and undamaged – alas, my budget is very limited these days). Just the patterns/instructions would do for me, I don’t necessarily need the kits as I’m making my own layouts.

Feel free to contact me at jule(dot)bandholz(at)gmx(dot)de.

New colours

mystery01New colours for a new mystery project

This month my focus will be on cross stitch. I’ve taken out two of my projects again and already made some nice progress.

One of them is a new project I’ve started last year. I’ve chosen nine motifs out of fourteen from an old magazine and put them together in a new design. Here’s the start of the first one with one colour finished. I like it that way, looks a little retro to me.


Practice, practice, practice

Yesterday I pulled out a set of six hand dyed batiks, finally having an idea what to sew from them. I bought the fabrics many years ago at a fair. The maker and vendor was an Austrian lady if I remember it correctly. A second set in rosewood tones has already been made into a top and is waiting for a finish.

The pattern is from an old issue of Patchwork Ideen magazine (Vol. 1/2001), Frühlingsgefühle (Feelings of spring) by Inge Heinze. I cut my strips 5 cm/1″ wide instead of 7.6 cm/3″ wide to get smaller blocks. Also, instead of making 72 squares I only made 36.

Squares cut on the diagonal

and reassembled.


And, for the practice part, I managed to get the seams quite decent this time – at least at the right side. 🙂 I’m going to make this into a cushion cover. There must be some matching fabric somewhere in my stash and I know I’ve got a matching zipper in one of my numerous boxes.


Family Art – Pt. 2

Watercolours by my grandfather

My grandfather on my mother’s side, who was a cabinetmaker, was born 1915 and died 1980. I have inherited a folder which contains some of his works, mainly pencil drawings and watercolours. It’s a little tricky to estimate their age, but they are supposedly pre-WWII as my mother doesn’t remember him drawing later. He took whatever paper was at hand. Most of the sheets have been used from both sides.

02_irisIris with butterfly


Alas, this sheet has been severely damaged.

02_verlaufColour gradations

This is the only abstract sheet in his folder. You might think someone else had painted it if it weren’t signed. – That’s the part of my artwork that I’ve inherited from him.

I will tell you a little bit more about him and his interesting life in part three of the series.