Another finish from the UFO Lottery, with two more to come and lots of stuff in the making, working on projects every spare minute.

It’s named Impro-Blocks. I had already cut some fabrics for something very different. Didn’t work, so I had to improvise a little to make something else.

Finished size 47 x 56 cms


Small panel

Leftover scraps from my Lumos! project went into this small project. The squares were originally part of the now abandoned Strata series.

I fused scraps to a background fabric and machine sewed some lines across them (hand sewing was done on the red square).

Finished back in February, size 18 x 43 cms

Silk patchwork un-quilt

This project was drawn from the UFO Lottery four years ago. I was planning to finish it using a dark blue piece of silk from my stash. Somehow I never got that far. Recently I was washing the turquoise flea market fabric I bought together with the box of embroidery floss in May. Something struck me – or was it someone in the shape of Dave the Muse? Anyway, I cut the border strips and the backing, sewed on the borders, sandwiched everything and used my favorite method of hemming for finishing. Yet properly unnamed, size is 62 x 92 cms.

Embroidery – a summary

The recent entry about the found again embroidered flower pictures reminded me that there is more waiting.

This is one of several update posts that have been drafts for far too long. I’ll try to get them published as soon as I can. I’m still struggling to get the words that are in my mind down onto paper or screen.

Pot of flowers, tapestry stitch, made for Mum in 1999

Pot of tulips, cross stitch – originally intended for my former ‘Tulip Lover’ blog. I added the backstitching only recently, this will be used in some upcoming project (may take a while)

Connections, cross stitch, backstitching, now with some additional lines, to be used in a project I already have in mind

Additions to The Reef

A while ago I finished some new reef inhabitants. I haven’t named them yet like I did with the ones I made in the past. Find out more on the Coldwater Reef gallery page.

Clockwise from top left: sea-anemone, felted sponges, various sponges (partly felted), corals (partly felted)

Small bag

It’s Aspiring Sewing Artist time again! 😉

Today I tested a pattern from the former Austrian Patchwork- und Quiltjournal to get some sewing practice. The ‘page for the young quilter’ had small bags from Christmas fabrics. As I didn’t have the stiff interfacing that was needed I used some fabric from my pile of cut up old blue jeans. A couple of small mistakes (note to self: read carefully and follow the pattern steb by step) and some tricky turning later I had a small bag. Finished size is approximately 11 cms.

Fresh flowers

More or less fresh – I think I made them in the 1980s. These four little embroidered pictures reappeared recently when I visited my sister. I had totally forgotten about them.

Blue Baubles

The first batch of my blue Christmas baubles is pinned to the design board, more to follow. A great way to use up all those small scraps of batting left over from other projects.

The following ‘making of’ shots are from a half finished project. – First I need a cardboard circle, a piece of scrap batting the same size as the circle plus two circles of fabric, cut with about 1 cm  seam allowance.

Next step: pin cardboard circle onto fabric, baste around the seam allowance and pull tight to gather, press from left side.

Remove basting and cardboard circle, insert batting

Pin both circles, left sides together, and sew together around edge (I whipstiched them)

Marinus van de Zuiderzee

Recently I decided to get back to work on some of my projects, to finish some ufos and start new stuff. This is my first finish. Hopefully there’ll be some more before the end of the year.

It’s been a long swim from the southern oceans of his home planet of Aqua Marine. Please welcome Marinus van de Zuiderzee.

ECI code: head/body up to round 48 with added tail, eyes H5 (two rounds), A15, A21 (from round 23) for fin, snout H13 (modified)

Rainbow socks

My latest set of socks, simply named after the sockyarns I’ve used. I’m now taking a break from knitting socks except for the odd pair or two I’m going to donate. A couple of weeks ago I’ve joined a group of creative people and apart from individual projects, we’re making things for an upcoming market.

Jackpot 1, Jackpot 2, Jackpot 3

Etude 1, Etude 2, Etude 3, Etude 4

Sorbet, Viva 1, Viva 2, Rico, Digipix